Farmer friends but few rich trap

information age, newspaper advertising, advertising, letters posted advertisements, fish, true and false. When the farmer friends choose rich project, must think twice, do not fall into the rich on the "trap".

1. assembly electrical

through various newspapers and letters of advertising, such as telephone alarm, energy saving lamp, writing pen radio advertising, advertising said that as long as the deposit, you can free the material assembly, recycling products, let you get rich the assembling fee. This kind of advertising is suspicious. When you pay the deposit material assembly of finished products to the advertisers, often in the assembly is not qualified for rejection, to deceive you thousands of yuan deposit.

2. associates processing

Some manufacturers in the

newspaper called free feeding, seeking associate processing gloves or clothing advertising, said as long as the purchase of their processing machinery, pay the deposit after free material processing, the manufacturer is responsible for recycling, you can get high processing fees. This is not true, when you buy their mechanical, material processing of finished products to pay a deposit, the manufacturer will reject the unqualified, or manufacturers moved to different places, so that you lose everything disappear without a trace.


collection of ancient coins

some advertising collection of ancient coins that can be rich, according to their data collection of ancient coins, ancient coins and then sent to the market to sell, can become a millionaire, this is a trap filled with flowers, in fact is not true. Throughout the country, there are few ancient coins in the market for the acquisition of ancient coins. Even if the acquisition, there is no information on the subject of such a high price.

4. breeding special animals

some of the farmers lack of information, want to find a shortcut to wealth through special breeding. The illegal advertisers are using this mentality, with the signing of the contract, legal notarization, high recovery under the guise of the current market has not yet formed the animal species around dumping, according to circumstances of absconding, make the contract become waste paper.

5. high price recovery

A lot of people under the banner of

XX XX Institute of medicine, medicinal field signs, for the sale of seeds and seedlings, some varieties of price decline in Advertising: some wanton boast some of the environment and cultivation techniques have strict requirements of varieties, are said to the North South safe, easy to manage; and the name of "joint venture", "and under the guise of a recovery.

many rural friends want to change their status as soon as possible, through entrepreneurship is to achieve this goal, but also to beware of several traps said today, some advertisers by farmers seeking novelty, for recommendation

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