Novice decoration shop four points

now no matter what people do business, understand the marketing and promotion are very important, because the promotion and marketing of only one good way, people can get the ultimate success of entrepreneurship, in fact, the reason for a lot of open shop is also very suitable for beginners.

for the shop decoration shop is the novice, must face the problem, then, how to get to the new shop decoration will achieve better results? The author thinks that the novice in the decoration shop, to grasp the following four points.

A: in the decoration, first of all, to ordinary shops and shop to do a comparative analysis, understand the Pu function:

1, the general store only the home page, enter each category from the left to enter the category. And Wang shop in addition to the home page, you can also add 6 pages.

Show 100*100 store and a bulletin board

2, ordinary shops and home, Wang Pu’s home page can display the 950*120 logo, the size and position of the announcement can be freely set, and shop in addition to home, there are 6 pages, and designed the 6 page shop signs and announcements can the.


3, a commodity common shop manager recommended only appear on the front page, and the shop manager recommended is set free, you can set a different recommendation on multiple pages. Not only have the common shop manager recommended function, you can also press the category recommended or recommended by keyword.

Two: classification and layout of the

on their own business.

1, to understand their own set of classification is reasonable, the organization should be clear, easy to find buyers.

2, you can set up according to their own classification of several pages of the layout of Wang pu.

1, to determine the style of the shop, you can set up according to their preferences or to buy the baby’s consumer groups.

2, according to the style to determine the main color range of the store. I believe that the first shop in the "modified style" item selected a color to the color based, classification, shop strokes, announcements, etc. can choose the color of the surrounding color. Wang can put all the pages set up a uniform color, can also be a page a color.

3, look at how others shop decoration, you can give yourself some inspiration. When necessary, you can collect some shops for reference.

four points above is the basis of the shop decoration, is also the owner must consider in the decoration of the problem.

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