Where is the difficulty of College Students

college students entrepreneurship difficult, where is it? This is probably a lot of friends are thinking about a problem. Indeed, we all know that college students entrepreneurship is not easy, but it can not find the root of the problem. The following small series of simple for you to introduce college students vulnerable to the four major difficulties.

difficult one: start-up capital

"difficult", many students entrepreneurs have described their careers. "There is no special low interest loans."

Several college students

two difficulties: industry selection

three difficulties: no experience without reference to

"difficult to prepare." Many of the students who failed to start their own entrepreneurial path. Yes, there is no experience worth learning. They can only see the dawn of entrepreneurship, but can not see the direction. Just want to open a cold drink shop cloud normal university student Sun Xiping said: if there is no innovation, a cold drink shop to make money is very difficult, and I just imitate, what will be the future is unknown."

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