TEDxBNU forum invites many CEO to share cutting edge entrepreneurial experience

young entrepreneurs lack of funds and experience, funds can be obtained through a variety of channels, but the experience is a short duration of time can be saved. Recently, many famous enterprises CEO together to share cutting-edge entrepreneurial experience. To young entrepreneurs who bring inspiration.

11 29 TEDxBNU platform, Cai Hu from Qinghua Polytechnic campus. The man, ten years of foreign entry, to Baidu, failed at the age of 40 to two entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, the scene tells the story of an entrepreneur’s story, and share said: no matter as students, migrant workers, business still, officials, or what do not stay at home or go on the road every day, but everyone must do one thing is to be yourself. So, I would like to say, "our most important product, in fact, is our own!"

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