How to operate a franchise high

As one of the catering market characteristics of the delicious

stewing has a hot market, with a more distinctive taste for people, attracted the attention of more people. High investment open stores, there are many problems need attention, especially on business. Here with you to try to understand, how to operate a stew pot stores?

high in the winter sales is really old, because of the cold weather in winter, cooking is out soon cold. Many dishes are cold is not good, and it’s really cold winter, guests are very like some warm things, so, it is very warm in the body, so the pot products sell very well in the winter.

so, we suggest you store pot products increased in winter, such as mutton soup pot, pot ribs. Your store is operating for many years, these will not beat your stock, use the existing manpower, increase food, without increasing the other human to do, but also save cost. In this way, can be exempted from cooking in the winter of embarrassment, at the same time, also enable sales, which can meet the different needs of the guests.

product is good, it is necessary to start planning promotional activities. Sales promotion is to let customers know what you have new dishes, but also to attract them to the purpose of consumption.

wants to successfully operate a stew pot stores, there are a lot of problems are needed to pay attention to, for details on how to operate a stew pot stores, hoping to give you some help. Shop is risky, we have to plan ahead.

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