What is the biggest opportunity for the future of the catering industry

what is the status of the catering industry? In a word: This is the best and the worst. Why do you say that, because the food and beverage industry since ancient times is a major industry in the sunrise industry, enduring. Even temporary fluctuations, the size of the larger, better wound healing, will heal in the shortest possible time. So it’s the best industry. But at the same time, every year in the catering industry is facing the collapse of countless entrepreneurs, strong competition in the market, surging tide. Update into the food and beverage industry is so homely food, the worst of the industry.

so, what is the biggest opportunity for the future of the catering industry?

old catering, Internet catering, takeaway, children’s dining, robot restaurant, both, and neither.

burger experts Maddie Fort CEO Cheng Xiuhui believes that the biggest opportunity is the category of food and beverage industry opportunities. Why, "the world does not have any national culture, civilization with China so rich in food and beverage category, or the category of food products, if you can seize a certain meal category this financing valuation is quite large. A pancake fruit word worth thirty million? It also sold one hundred million Goubuli deficit into it."

so, if you do the first thing to do a good job category to achieve the ultimate, the brand premium to do only you have. Huang Taiji pancake fruit, a pancake fifteen, you can sell a pancake, it is very difficult to do?. Why does Starbucks sell coffee coffee category twenty-eight, Chinese premium in this country is in the United States, McDonald’s is a brand premium, how many China brand premium has not been excavated, there is a huge opportunity." Cheng Xiuhui went on to say.

and what is the scale of the premium capacity, Cheng Xiuhui believes that in the case of the same sales, so that the product cost is lower and faster – this is the size of the bargaining power. It is recommended that we go to Japan to see the food and beverage industry, where the store with the printer, like the back of the sale of cartridges, the entire supply chain to solve the above. Now do not have a restaurant, are the Japanese played twenty years ago. For example, the efficiency of 40 people to support 80 people yoshinoya.

Cheng Xiuhui believes that the future of the restaurant industry is the smallest chance. What are the chances of the scene, Cheng Xiuhui shared two cases, one is the grandmother, one is the coffee.

Cheng Xiuhui said, "my grandma put the restaurant into a financial tool, store rent free loading and adding fifty million, put the money attached to the dish, six dollars Mapo Tofu who do not eat? Family came five years after three years, after all the shopping malls? The first KFC, McDonald’s out, they first the incubation of new brand."

and about coffee, even he has never thought of the world

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