How much does it cost to open a bookstore

no matter what kind of business we do business, in fact, are required to a certain amount of money as the basis, and only have sufficient funds, so as to be able to get a better development of entrepreneurship. So, how much does it cost to open a bookstore? Let’s do a simple introduction.

to open the first book store rent rent bookstore as well as the cost of books and Book turnover. In theory, the establishment of general bookstore and custom bookcase decoration cost is quite high, ten square meters of the area will be more than twenty thousand of the cost, plus the first rent deposit, air conditioning, computer equipment into the book cost and expenses will be more than seventy thousand yuan.

in fact, general bookstore will not decoration too good, is rent a 15 square meters room, clean, buy 2 hand shelves OK, save it, there is no problem 20 thousand to open a bookstore. How much money is needed, depending on the owners and the local environment.

operating rent bookstore, subject to the jurisdiction of the local cultural administrative departments and the trade and industry bureau. To open a shop like this, the owner needs to go to the local cultural administration department for the relevant formalities. According to the relevant staff of the Bureau of market management, the same procedures to open a bookstore and bookstore bookstore.

first, how much does it cost to open a bookstore? The store mainly valid documents, such as application for personal identification, (indicating the name and address of the shop, the legal representative), apply to the Department for cultural administration to shop in areas where, after examination and approval, licensing business publication, shall be certified to the local industrial and commercial business license to handle.

2 million yuan can achieve an entrepreneur’s dream of this shop, under the current business environment will undoubtedly make many people feel surprised, however, if you want to venture capital, to open a bookstore is really very good idea oh.

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