Convenient public transport needs of Zhengzhou opened three new bus

with the rapid development of economy, the consumption level has been significantly improved, so in life there are a lot of people buy cars to facilitate their travel, although the state vigorously encourage green travel, but the government and the implementation of people’s travel demand is very important. Travel demand better services to the public in October 21st, a bus company in Zhengzhou will open 900 road express station, 60 Road, 83 Road Station Express Shuttle bus lines at the same time, optimal adjustment of 103 road.

900 Road Station Express

opened a new

starting station: Li Jiang Ru he Lu ditch – three road road radio

departure time:

Road: Ruhe Road, (down: Kunlun Road, Huaihe Road, West Sanhuan) Funiu road and Longhai Road, Xinghua street, Central Plains Road, Hing Street (down: Jiefang Road, Fushou Street), Renmin Road, Huayuan Road, high road (road, three road: downlink) and downlink (North Sanhuan Road, South Road, welfare broadcasting).

: stop stations (uplink), Li Jianggou Ru he Lu Fu Niu Lu Ru he Lu, Longhai Road, road workers (uplink) Taoyuan Road, Hing Wah Street (upstream), Central Plains Road, Beijing Guangzhou Road 27 square Zhengxing Street (uplink), the workers’ village, Zijingshan Road, Garden Road, Huayuan Road’s the Yellow River Road, three road forestry road, three road, agricultural road (uplink), three road, Xin Yuan Road, South Road, three road by radio and television broadcasting South Road, the lottery (downlink) broadcasting (downlink) three South Road, Greentown square (down), Longhai Road, Xinghua Street (down), Longhai Road, Tongbai Road (down) Fu Niu Lu Ru he Lu (down), Ruhe Road (down), Ruhe Road West Third Ring (down).

60 Road Station Express

opened a new

start stop: Zhao Po village – Zhengzhou east station

departure time:

Road: Zhongyuan Road, Zhengxing street, (down: Jiefang Road, Fushou Street), West Street, East Street, Zhengbian Road, commercial road, Dongfeng Road, Shangding Road, Station Road, South plaza.

stop stations: Zhao Po village, Central West Third Ring Road (Finance School), Central Plains Road, Huashan Road, Zhongyuan Road Tongbai Road (uplink), municipal (upstream), Central Plains Road, University Avenue West (upstream), Central Plains Road, Beijing Guangzhou Road 27 square Zhengxing Street (uplink), West Street, South Street, the first people the hospital, Zhengbian road Dongming Road, Bo Furniture Center (upstream), East building materials are road, Winton Road (upstream), are road water (up), Zhou Dongfeng Road, commercial road (upstream), Dongfeng Road, Zhengzhou Fulu Road station, Shangding road Xinjian

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