The fifth batch of high level innovative talents in Fujian

to encourage local talent actively participate in innovation and entrepreneurship, to attract more high-level talents in Fujian, Fujian Province issued a notice today to declare the innovative entrepreneurial talent in Fujian Province won the highest individual 1 million yuan subsidy.

The reporter from the

After the declaration of

After the declaration of

to declare the name of the team, in addition to the above basic conditions, should also meet the following conditions: team members by the leaders and the related core staff, should be more than 3 (including 3) members; to meet the basic conditions of the individual leaders declaration, other key members should be as mid-level positions in overseas or the domestic enterprises and financial institutions or universities, scientific research institutions; among the members of the professional structure and reasonable division of responsibilities, cooperation can be stable for more than 3 years, with the main direction of research and development goals.

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