What is the most suitable for college students entrepreneurship

today, the national introduction of policies to encourage college graduates to start their own business, to promote entrepreneurship employment, into the innovation vigor for the development of the society, and thus form a wave of entrepreneurship, a multitude of names entrepreneurship competition attracted many college students to participate, with the entrepreneurial dream students will participate in the competition as a shortcut to success.

here recommend several suitable for college students entrepreneurial ideas, hope to help students small business:

1,   in the vicinity of the campus canteen or library next to rent a house about six square meters to sell snack food. For example: Entrepreneurship golden ideas nuts nuts candied fruit, a small bag of 2 a 3 yuan package. Someone to buy money to get the goods, fast and convenient, the health improve, profits can reach 20%. To Lido po. If the site is appropriate, the supply of funds is not large, the probability of success 95%.

2,   entrepreneurship idea: to open a bicycle rental in the school, the students not convenient bicycle travel, also can run the car sales business.

3,   help people chasing girls, help people confession, send things.

4,   tutor, network tutor.

5, entrepreneurship golden ideas: sell time, for example, on behalf of others to go to the train station to meet people, help others to send something, or someone else to take care of their families and so on.

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