United States Mission takeaway 1 million 200 thousand single truth Monthly takeaway subsidy of 200 m

Beauty Group announced on Thanksgiving takeout orders exceeded 1 million 200 thousand, to become the world’s largest ordering website, but the author of this article by the United States Mission reliable sources to understand, from the beginning of September, a U.S. monthly subsidy of nearly 200 million yuan, this calculation, the 3 months the United States has subsidies of nearly 600 million, while the United States Group takeaway called 1 million 200 thousand single, is actually composed of a large number of such false orders and eat in order, the United States Mission in the end is how


(a) origin

Thanksgiving Day, the U.S. group claimed on takeout orders exceeded 1 million 200 thousand, 1 years to become the world’s largest ordering website. The impression is not like a taxi, takeaway industry such a high degree of standardization, rapid ripening. Before know whether foreign or domestic well-known ordering platform is established earlier, U.S. since years of intensive and meticulous farming, dubbed the "world first", how can not focus on


is for this a few months takeaway industry like a raging fire, really should look at the Bakai can say, this is an industry in recent years the most interesting. Thousands of war, the mainstream game player is a start-up company, finally Wang left to become a veteran in battle, is welcomed; taxi fight, premature duopoly, a payment war; and to the takeaway, both shengengxizuo young entrepreneurs, and the new American Idol, and Ali and Baidu, there is an interesting material.

(two) the United States to take out the truth of the single 1 million 200 thousand

a look, found that the cognitive began to be subversive, too funny than, below expectations, the original takeaway can play so!


above it, this is in the PK poly beauty?


actually, it’s just the top……


to takeaway this profession, I always need to understand the restaurant cooking, distribution, rainy day to wait for a while, however, U.S. once again subvert my cognition:


actually, I of the U.S. and hungry in Universities of the tear forced war already heard, can not think so called a U.S. strike the eye and rouse the mind, the 1 million 200 thousand single, is actually composed of a large number of such false orders and eat in order, according to a BD manager of a Shandong three line city beauty group the said, in their own universities, 60% of the orders hall to eat alone, many areas of the restaurant at the entrance to a class is lined up, so students with a U.S. APP meal, and then directly carry away or eat together, and even a restaurant at the gate erected brand, write "preferential strategy", although the store and the user can get U.S. subsidies, but I really don’t see preferential stop after this strange meal and what.