Do not website website etang

      etang server recently out of the question, look, this has been close to 50 million U.S. dollars of venture capital site, today, leaving only the University of the level of the tool to check the points of the 46. Etang has put forward the "Ming Huang generation" lifestyle and philosophy, even today, is still a modern way of life. Although etang failed, it’s still worth thinking about.



      to find the next year, still, in 2000 the company COO interview: eTang  COO

often Dongsheng

      Mr. Chang believes that what he is doing is not just a concern for the life of everyone there appears to be a website, but to the eTang to be a brand like Coca-Cola or Yahoo, but not on the Internet, but also to have influence, visibility and profit of life in the network in.

      he explains, eTang brand concept includes three meanings: the first is the optimistic attitude towards life; second is the elegant way of life; the third is the spirit of mutual sharing community. This is consistent with the connotation of the brand, he put the eTang mainly to attract the target population were as follows: 18 to 35 years old, well educated, people yearning for modern life style, pragmatic, efficient, good source of income. Mr. Chang believes that these people are the most dynamic part of the community to attract them, eTang’s brand strategy has a successful foundation.

      – specific to the product level, according to the brand concept and the target population above, eTang chose to target people most in need of six or seven vertical direction (vertical) as the foundation of the website, Mr. Chang believes that if the direction of choice too much "