Ma Huateng judge the next seven flashpoint

Ma Huateng in the "NPC and CPPCC" and "willful" to promote "national strategic Internet plus all-round development" proposal, make efforts for their "connection". This speech at Ma Huateng earlier, we can see the giants fight "strategic link" where.


a, connect all

to our experience, these two years to become a mobile Internet mobile phone electronic organ of the person the extension of this feature is more and more obvious, it has a camera, a sensor, almost the extension of enhanced human organs, and together through the Internet, this is unprecedented.

is not only the connection between people and people, we also see the future now between people and equipment, equipment and equipment, even between man and the service may have a connection, WeChat’s public number is a try and service.

so PC Internet or wireless Internet or even good things, and all that is a view of a different stage, different sides, he is actually a very complete, contact a comprehensive network entity, one of which is the basis of our future talk about everything changes.

for Tencent, Tencent hopes to connect the user with the physical world in the future, I hope the user can touch every aspect of life with fingertips.

he conceived, WeChat public platform can become a user connection point with the physical world, hopes to build a platform to connect users and businesses, Tencent only provide rules, by users and businesses to creative freedom.

two, "Internet plus" innovation emergence

"+" what are the traditional industries of all walks of life. We used the Internet Chinese ten years of development, the Internet and see what? And communication is the most direct, plus media has subverted, previously added entertainment, network game and the traditional game has been subverted.

includes the retail industry, the past that online shopping is very small share of the electricity supplier is now irreversible to subvert the physical retail industry, as well as the most recent hot Internet banking, recently in many discussions. More and more traditional companies have not been able to despise the topic of the internet.

so, go from another angle, why, you must add? Is modified or what? Are you no matter how traditional industries do will never create a pure Internet? I think the traditional industries of every segments of the power is still very strong. The Internet is still a tool.

for example, we look at the past the first industrial revolution and the second industrial revolution, from 18 in nineteenth Century, the first industrial revolution, the invention of the steam engine technology, to 19, in twentieth Century the power of technology since.

we see a lot of changes have taken place in the industry, and it is interesting that, for example,