Claiming to be webmaster we count webmaster

A few days ago,

sent an article, citing the two words webmaster, was a warrior’s question: you claim to be "stationmaster", Baidu recognized Google approved? You? Are you recognized Baidu


I am dizzy: what is the webmaster, webmaster how analysis, I use Baidu Encyclopedia for parsing the word master:

general organs, units and their subordinate institutions (both government and non-governmental organizations) have called the XX station of the Department, the person in charge is called "webmaster", is a job title.

Webmaster: webmaster

(Webmaster): is an independent domain name website, through the Internet and web site to provide information to users, channels, intermediaries and other network services.

Internet webmaster must meet a premise: has an independent domain name website.

has a personal home page, blog can not count.

currently in the Internet are mostly personal webmaster!

in accordance with the consciousness of the word: we should all be webmaster, with independent domain name website. But I think the heroes who also asked not wrong: Baidu attention website: one, there is a strong financial portal or enterprise website, two official website background. Funny, you claim to be "webmaster", I recognized Baidu?…. This is his question, I wrote it all down, it is worth pondering! I had to start from the station to do, think oneself is the webmaster, now suspect, or whether the hesitate to go, if she is a webmaster, it can only be considered a qualified webmaster, is not a Baidu is recognized by the webmaster……

sigh so much, a lot of things we can not or so, all look forward to, people alive, we should cherish what… I do not know what is now the mood!