Webmaster network daily broadcast Baidu news search abnormal Video ndustry Alliance

1, Baidu news search failure response: algorithm upgrades and revision caused by

over the years, the news on Baidu search users to develop the latest reports, the Baidu web search data habits, but from the weekend so far, Baidu news search was abnormal, type the keyword, a large number of articles originally to be able to search, but is now hard to find. The failure of the search for the news yesterday, Baidu relevant responsible person said to the WCC reporter responded, "Baidu news is the recent update algorithm and large scale revision, to further enhance the user experience of reading the news search. The relevant functions of the product is also further optimized, in the process, may cause inconvenience to some user habits, please understand!" But the reporter noted that Baidu Inc recently did not announce that some business adjustments.

2, the video industry reproduction Sohu Tencent Iqiyi alliance Baotuan heating buy play against Youku potatoes marriage

merger with Youku potatoes, the overall loss of video industry — "Baotuan" phenomenon. Last year’s bickering video site in just a month’s time, the formation of the two gangs. Yesterday, the Sohu, the Tencent video video and Baidu’s Iqiyi jointly announced that the three parties have reached an agreement to jointly set up video content cooperation organization, resource sharing and cooperation platform for high-quality sources buy drama, broadcast, and broadcast in the copyright field depth cooperation. The industry generally believe that the merger Youku potatoes is before these three websites turn from the past a pro fuse. In this connection, the ordinary people, like "such a popular drama" The Legend of Zhen Huan, the future is expected to watch the video website at the same time in three.

3, buy into the life and death proposition into the top three strong gap widened to 280 million yuan

is currently in March to pick up the turnover of the industry is limited to the top ten. Independent group purchase navigation site 800 data show that in March this year, group purchase sales of 1 billion 730 million yuan, an increase of 236.2%, the top three group purchase website with sales of more than $250 million, three of the total turnover accounted for the overall size of the top ten market share of 49%, accounting for about 90%. Analysts believe that Matthew effect has appeared in the top ten sites, the end of the first line of the site or buy only 3. In the face of growing group purchase industry reshuffle and integration, industry experts, when large-scale collapse, after integration, group purchase industry competition is expected from the competition for users regardless of the cost to get rational profit space". At this point, a number of buy site CEO has a profit plan. Reporters learned that, in the top ten in the industry has been the target of the recent development of the 5 profit.

4, mop.com will move away from Beijing to settle in Nanning or

caused by large-scale employee turnover

news April 25th, Phoenix technology exclusively learned that well-known community mop.com network will be moved from Beijing to Guangxi city of Nanning province. According to reliable sources, mop.com decided to move away from Beijing is the chairman and CEO Chen Qianxiang interactive group.