The network behind the three Yellow Peril and not for three

      yellow, gambling and drugs, is always people feel hate, but also the most intractable social ills. This phenomenon appears in the network, is a natural thing. Now, countries should vigorously punish network yellow peril, it is quite natural.

      network for the spread of the peril, the reason lies in the "three" and "three is not". Among them, the three is:

      one, selling "yellow". As a professional network pornography, the premise is profitable to do such a thing. This is online only earlier to browse or download yellow CD, to the current development of nude video chat and other various forms of pornography, its causes is the profit motive.

      two, "yellow". If only the yellow website where I think a lot of pornography, teenagers will not be confused by the yellow peril. Because these sites, after all, is not very popular, to find them, like the layman to get started, is not very easy. The key is a number of news websites, or even a large portal, are in some very humble corner, to the Yellow content and even yellow sites, advertising. This makes the scope of network pornography at once from a source into a universal coverage. But more worrying is, each big website in order to attract attention, in different space, add a lot of "yellow" but not the real peril of content, so the content can be said to have reached a point where the overwhelming. But for those inexperienced, unlikely to contact the peril of teenagers, so step by step in the mire of peril.

      three, said "yellow" for the. If only rely on pornographic websites, as well as the corners of some large web sites to spread, the severity of the peril is not to this extent. In the network there are some special love to say "yellow", do not own their own website, not to talk about what is the profit motive, is love everywhere for people who said there is where the yellow peril, completely become a compulsory salesman. This said that the "yellow", There are plenty of people who.

      "three is not" is:

      a search engine is not. Statistics show that the current flow of each site, there are nearly 1/3 of traffic from the network search engine. As a strong flow guide tool, the network search engine did not go to shield those obvious yellow content.

      two, WEB2.0 is not. In addition to specialized pornographic websites, forums teenagers love, full of peril places. Just because of the idea of attracting eyeballs, a lot of WEB2.0 nets >

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