Said the innocent was the main server to sue Mobile Corporation

Around the room to move recently attracted tens of thousands of

, the server was blocked, resulting in many of the sites were closed, resulting in a large part does not involve pornographic content also affected the server.

December 1st, a Shanghai lawyer to the daily economic news, said it would represent innocent server owners sued Mobile Corporation infringement, is currently organizing the collection of materials. It is reported that this group of customers mainly from last month by frequent exposure of the Shanghai mobile Nu River room users, they questioned the server hosting units without informing, legal provisions do not produce, forced the closure of servers, so that they suffered economic losses and goodwill.

sudden ban

he (in the mobile) to check the illegal website on the investigation, with even innocent servers have to be sealed, but now no place to say, no one listen to us." Mr. Biao is an Internet "stationmaster", responsible for a number of small website maintenance work. The evening of November 19th, he suddenly found that these sites can not open at the same time, in the exclusion of other reasons, he is sure to determine the server problems.

Although several

sites are in Shandong, but the server is located in Shanghai. Mr. Biao immediately to the Shanghai mobile Nu River room staff call in the past, the other said because of suspected pornographic content, the room has been closed, but the staff said it was not clear in other cases.

due to the user side can not explain, two days later, Mr. Biao personally flew to Shanghai, see the situation room to his surprise: "they fiddles, can not find the clear words of the people." The whole building server seems to be down, fold also points not clear, in the room, the corridor piled up a hill. Mr. Biao gave reporters a his pictures.

According to Mr.

Biao understanding, the evening of November 19th to 23, has been part of the server was seized; in November 24th, almost the entire room "froze". Another day to the Nu River room scene website said that a "looks like a very high level of the leadership of the Mobile Corporation sat there for a day, the atmosphere was very tense, have given the main server to ask and accused of illegal evidence, but no one stood up and said.

Nu River room a managed agent told to come to the customer complaints: "most of you are innocent, but you have an evil member of the herd. Of course, operators should not be across the board." And said that the company also boil two overnight, has been organized to provide users with a user name and password, and signed a series of instructions and commitments. This person also said that the agency is only in the middle of coordination, can not be responsible for this incident, if the customer has an opinion, you can find a local Mobile Corporation or room.

the "daily economic news" contacted the Shanghai Nu River mobile room, the other connection requires a user name and password on the newspaper, told reporters that the intent that currently only accept user questions, not other explanation. < >

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