The shop to express the State Post Bureau to ban shut down

January 29th, the network shops trading company told reporters thanks Meimei, Huitong, rhyme and other company informed the February 1st will stop receiving the payment, Shanxi, Shandong, northeast Hainan and northwest provinces and cities express, the shop also have to be ready to close the door, February 3rd will be the holiday stalls.

according to the reporter, in also in January 25th stopped in remote provinces such as Qinghai West delivery service, the company employee said recently will stop in many provinces and cities to collect service, started in February 2nd to stop the recipient country. A part of the network also stop receiving.

National Post Office in January 21st just issued a document requiring courier companies to ensure the normal operation of the courier service during the spring festival. BES Huitong express general manager Zhou Jian reluctantly told reporters that due to the provincial logistics company outage, Huitong shall suspend the cooperation with the third party logistics company’s regional express service, the core area of the courier service will not stop, but will be adjusted slightly.

shop shut down

In January 29th

, a company clerk Li Si received two telephone to inform its stores, online shopping mall of the goods from the Jingdong because of the relationship, express knock off can not be served, either change or return mail. "There are ten days away from the Spring Festival, how not to deliver it?"

The reporter then contact the

shop girls worship trading company, the company staff said, received a notice in January 28th mainly express partner Huitong rhyme business adjustment, will stop in Shanxi, Shandong, then sent the three provinces in the northeast, Ningxia and other provinces and cities in the northwest express parcel on February 1st, the provinces and cities in three or four lines of the city in January 29th will no longer receive the parcel. Therefore, the 29 day, the company had to respectively information to more than 200 customers call commodity parcel adjustment, the other proposal or return, or change the postal mail.


staff also said that in view of the logistics business in advance because the company is ready to stop business in February 3rd, a holiday home, and accepted within this period of time is estimated to wait until the post orders, delivery.

like the United States and the United States and the United States and worship the same business, but in the early termination of the business or adjust the business of more than one two. Taobao also has a number of businesses hang out delivery announcement, in order to get the consumer’s understanding, the reason for the sake of consistent express company.

in order to avoid delivery time adjustment during the Spring Festival in the dispute, recently released during the Spring Festival in this period of time rule of delivery, February 2nd to 19 days to complete the orders for payment users and sellers agreed in advance the time of delivery, in accordance with the agreed time of delivery. No time order, the seller needs delivery before February 22nd. Overdue delivery of goods to the buyer to pay five percent of the actual turnover of the goods as liquidated damages. At the same time the refund time has been adjusted.



Alibaba, an unnamed executive told reporters that Taobao made this adjustment >

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