Google China announced Li Kaifu’s Resignation Yang Wenluo and Mr took over

September 4th morning news, Google Chinese today issued an internal e-mail to all employees, announced that incumbent president Li Kaifu leaving Chinese district news, and announced that President Yang Wenluo of Shanghai engineering research institute took over the research duties, sales director of the Google vice president Liu Yun took over the operation of the duties.

below is the full text of the internal mail:

dear Google employees

I’m sorry to announce that Dr. Li Kaifu has decided to leave Google. As we all know, over the past four years, Dr. Li Kaifu has contributed to the growth of Google in greater china. He founded the Google China Engineering Research Institute, and in China to recruit a number of the most outstanding, outstanding engineers. His team has greatly improved the quality and experience of Google search for Chinese users to create and launch a number of new product categories. Dr. Li Kaifu promoted the launch of Google’s Chinese domain name Under his leadership, Google Chinese launched a series of home market leading products, such as Google maps, Google mobile search, Google translation – these are widely circulated in the market of similar products in the China service.

after Dr. Li Kaifu left us, will be led by the Shanghai Institute of engineering, Dr. Yang Wenluo (Boon-Lock Yeo) to replace his responsibilities in Google China Engineering and research and development. Liu Yun, vice president of Google Greater China, who is now the vice president of sales, will take over from Google’s Greater China operations in John. Google will continue to be committed to the development of China, Google’s commitment to China will continue.

please join me in thanking Dr. Li Kaifu for his contribution to Google and wish him all the best in his future career development.

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