Two ministries stopped buying a lot of websites are still in normal operation

had dinner, Hangzhou fans Hu as usual, open the computer, into their own has been using a lottery site. After a brief analysis, he bought a mouse, football lottery, the whole process does not exceed 5 minutes.

shut down the computer may not know Hu, this is known as the model of online shopping is facing the challenge of life and death. The State Sports General Administration and Chinese Fucai Center recently for the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) agency issued an emergency notice, halt the lottery on its own or with other Internet and communications companies to use the Internet, mobile phone, telephone and other means of paperless lottery sales.

many sites are still operating normally

as early as November 2007, the Ministry of Finance and other ministries jointly issued a document prohibiting the use of the Internet to carry out lottery sales. "But as far as I know, at present, the mainland China launched online purchasing lottery business website at least more than 100." Said the person in charge of a website.

yesterday, the reporter entered a more well-known domestic large-scale lottery website, log in to find all the business as usual. The website provides the lottery, lottery, almost all national network sales lottery varieties, including lottery, Lotto, double chromosphere. Among them, only the latest (September 6th lottery lottery, 14) bet on more than 600 thousand yuan, and the current national lottery sales of about 8100000 yuan.

Advantages and disadvantages of

online shopping

at present, the vast majority of online shopping sites offer almost the same pattern.

first, the user registered an account, and then, through the online banking account will be filled into the account of the money to buy lottery tickets. After winning, the website will put the money into the account, the user can continue to buy lottery tickets, for withdrawals, then apply to the website by telephone, website after verification of identity, will put the money into the user’s Bank card.

fans Xu Yongqiang has 3 years of online shopping experience. In his view, online lottery has two advantages: first, not limited by time and space. "The door of the lottery betting point is sometimes closed very early, especially on the Internet, sometimes football lottery sold to the early morning, ready to bet." The two is currently the vast majority of the so-called buy website. By someone to take the lead in the proposal, interested users to pay to buy together. As these programs tend to be large (such as football lottery up to hundreds of thousands of dollars), winning rate of

was a small amount of bets increased, so it is welcomed by lottery.

within 3 years, Xu Yongqiang through the network lottery obtained about million bonus, "these bonuses are back to my account, there’s a part of me through the bank card out."

but in the professional view, these can not cover up the shortcomings of online shopping.

The people of Zhejiang province

lottery center said that the current online lottery is the essence of purchasing. In other words, the lottery site itself has a lottery machine, after receiving the user betting request, help >

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