Web marketing software and the times of the leap

network marketing software in foreign countries, 80% of companies and individuals will choose the network media marketing methods. Allow yourself to get benefit from, and the use of network marketing in China a less than 10% of the country, when fighting in these enterprises and competitors, or to seize opportunities, reveal a new angle to see! You choose? 2012 is the network marketing software has a cross era


first look at the history of the development of network marketing software in recent years:


, a message:

, I want to mention 1 message everyone not unfamiliar, this software at preliminary stage in network marketing, in the original on some websites give people a message and is now completely different, verification code do not need to release not only simple and fast. But in the end, with the continuous development of network technology, many web site authentication code can not be identified, and then disappear from the internet.

two, the program class:

1, then there is out there is a new alternative to the second generation, is the so-called network marketing software is the application class, this kind of software is the information released to the same program website, through the form of links such as: Network Forum, OBLOG, blog network blog etc.. He can automatically register, publish, identify the verification code to enhance the advantages of ranking. So the question is too simple, can not achieve good rankings, a good software is seeking coexistence, recognized, so the rise of the software is to huashangjuhao.

three, resource class

One of the

1, and is now using the software resource network marketing software more and more with the SEO to achieve high ranking results, they use the forum resources website advertising information release, and ultimately achieve conversion ranking and flow, this software has became popular in the moment, until now there are still many in use, but due to the limited resources, which is too single, coupled with the use of complex and some search engines strictly controlled, finally the software also slowly fade out the stage of


four, Combinatorial Marketing

The 1 is the so-called

, the ancients said: Jiangshan generation of talented people, the talent for hundreds of years. Changes in the network is not only rapidly changing, network marketing is also from the sidelines, try, practice a whole.

combination marketing software (SKYCC) represent the emergence of 2012 is a network marketing software era leap, in February 2012 fourth generation network marketing software combination marketing software (SKYCC) after ten years of precipitation of the essence of the sun was born.

combination marketing software (SKYCC) is a classification of information marketing, forum marketing, blog marketing, search engine, Email marketing, such as the essence extracted from the smart combination, a full range of

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