8 effective ways for personal independent blog to be profitable

the independent blog is in addition to outside the forum is a major platform for people to record and exchange, and joined the independent blog of people is also more and more diverse, on the current development situation in the network promotion or SEO people are basically a staff independent blog, simple words can be said to be a need. Because of the independent blog without platform restrictions, as long as the message system regardless of whether the visitors enable bloggers can comment, which enhances the interaction at the same time, independent blog has become an important method for the knowledge sharing platform, if want to learn network promotion methods or SEO knowledge and skills, more access to some professional independent the blog can learn a lot, which has prompted a batch of independent bloggers was born, but since it is to spend money to buy the domain name and website space based network Station, it will have to face the cost problem, it also caused a number of independent blog because it can not adhere to or can not see the future development and gradually to the low tide until the closure. Today, Xiao Jun combined with their own operation in the process of the Guangzhou SEO blog and share some of the more popular ways of independent blog profit, of course, the premise is to get stable flow of independent blog.

1, advertising alliance. I think this is the most common profit channel independent blog, because the threshold is not high (if higher threshold words should be the number of sites must record), and the crowd is very wide so it won everyone’s favorite. There is a common alliance, Baidu Google Adsense and Taobao alliance, because I have been on the Taobao contact much so not used Taobao alliance, only Baidu alliance and Google Adsense, but unfortunately when the full $one hundred last month is the Google account was closed, so blog is currently only in the use of Baidu alliance. Because the ad clicks you can pay at least one hundred yuan. Of course, this also requires a certain site traffic, it is because my blog traffic has not lasted more than a month before the first payment received Baidu alliance. Of course, there are other more than the first good advertising alliance, the specific reference to the advertising alliance how to choose?.

2, monthly advertising. The profitability of this pathway may be of independent blog traffic has certain requirements, after all, if the advertising and didn’t get a show is equal to no effect on the input of others in their own blog, so advertisers in the choice of independent blog advertising will also set different price levels according to different traffic, the more profitable way obviously there is known as Lu Songsong blog, I blog some time ago also began to undertake a monthly advertising, currently under the blog navigation bar displays the banner is the monthly advertising fee is not high, but to maintain the normal operation of the blog is enough, so there is a certain flow independent blog can use this after all, presumably by clicking the cost of advertising alliance, which is relatively stable source of income.

3, soft Wen promotion. There is a certain amount of traffic and have a certain soft Wen writing skills bloggers, through the soft text >

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