New station flow rapid lifting method

is now the site of the majority of the value of the network is determined by the flow of large. So the site traffic is becoming more and more eye-catching. But how to quickly improve the flow of new sites, the problem is believed to have plagued many new owners. Now I’ll talk about some of the experience of my station. Please forgive me shortcomings.

according to statistics, 94% of the current site traffic has more than 80% of the search engine, which also shows that people are increasingly dependent on search engines. In the domestic search through Baidu accounted for most of the flow of the site traffic. Is there a search, break the phenomenon of search.

below to talk about several ways to guide the flow of ascension:

1 can go to the domestic large portal network, blog site, popular popular forum post.. Because the weight of these sites is very high. Can be included in the first search engine. And after the comparison of the rankings included. If you can become a hot topic, news or be recommended. Effect is not the same.

2 focus on the recent hot topics, and to participate in the comments, while leaving your site as far as possible. Or on the more prosperous post reproduced, and add some of their own treatment. Of course, first of all to ensure the integrity of the content and source.

3 do you consider to write a few articles to the big blog hair, and then by the way to bring their own site link address, want to know the words to the Sina blog search.

4 potatoes, KU6 and other video sites can be described as a huge amount of traffic, the use of these platforms can bring you a lot of traffic, but oh. You can find their own watermark without video processing, and add their own web site watermark released. This allows more people to watch the video to remember your site address.

5 website optimization and submit to each big web station, if you have enough title content was the new bookmarking sites recommend it, to bring you the traffic it is also considerable oh.

6 through Baidu know, YAHOO knowledge hall, etc.. Ask questions and answer questions.

7 through their own personality signature can also give you a lot of traffic.

8 site collection can also increase the site traffic, fame. Like Sina’s Vivi Baidu collection space and so on are good.

we can also look at how much more to find out their own website traffic to improve the method.

okay, just write so much.

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