Micro gem WeChat marketing private custom marketing era

information era marketing is the source of the power of commercial development, in the face of the traditional marketing model, such as print ads, radio, television, the Internet has opened up a vast space for the business of marketing sites. However, many businesses will turn to the Internet marketing power, but faced with the wide net, less fishing and network futility dilemma. Massive network resources in the infinite marketing space, but also bring the homogenization of marketing results. So, how to achieve precise private customized Internet marketing, the marketing conversion rate of real growth? In actual operation, Henan micro gem WeChat marketing (http://s.weibaos.com/) to produce a satisfactory answer to the user.

Zhengzhou micro gem WeChat marketing positioning precise marketing audience

in the traditional entertainment industry is still satisfied with the DM, television advertising, the huge business opportunities Zhengzhou micro gem WeChat marketing has already unearthed WeChat marketing. Different from the traditional marketing "sky net model, WeChat marketing can be potential customers for accurate positioning, which can ensure the real marketing results. Many businesses in order to increase the adhesion of the membership card, but the cost of membership operations need to invest far higher than expected. Zhengzhou gem WeChat marketing is a change in the traditional membership card system, and then to the online membership management mode so that the number of members doubled. Different from the traditional mode of passive advertising, WeChat marketing will enable customers to take the initiative to search for relevant information, precise positioning of WeChat customers can make the conversion rate of 70%.

for businesses, the use of micro gem WeChat marketing, publicity for the store without fuss, just opened WeChat ordering business, the dishes uploaded to the WeChat platform, users can view real-time micro gem unique visualization of the operating system, the business from the dishes uploaded to accept orders for the whole operation is not more than five minutes. That is to say, just five minutes, you can frame your own online business restaurant. Ultra low cost mode of operation, has attracted 8560 catering and entertainment businesses settled in micro gem.

micro service revenue in the micro era

for food and beverage customers, achieve the core elements of ordering, is convenient. Micro gem WeChat platform opened, enabling customers to streamline the ordering process for the mobile phone, users only need to send "merchants public number ordering instructions, you can enter the restaurant WeChat system, ordering worry free operation. The convenience of WeChat services for businesses to win a fixed customer resources, while maintaining the cost of customer resources is always the lowest.

According to the Zhengzhou

micro gem WeChat marketing person in charge of the market, an important project of micro gem wbscms Zero Network Information Technology Co., Ltd., is committed to the majority of high-end catering, provide the most cost-effective marketing WeChat entertainment services owners solutions. Since the operation of the project, has become the most influential Zhengzhou WeChat marketing brand. Marketing is really visible effect than pure conjecture, 8560 dining and entertainment businesses.

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