Taobao two logistics model competition since the Commission in the future battlefield



private courier in the Aviation Association under the penalty seems to be the prototype. As the backbone of the logistics system of Social Department of Taobao "to rely on, tact, rhyme two courier companies were canceled due to irregularities before the date of shipping qualification. This will undoubtedly allow private express in the minds of consumers greatly reduced image. At the same time, hold high the banner of self built logistics Jingdong mall was re financing into the logistics sector. What is the best of the two modes of logistics competition


receiving inspection PK

self built logistics acceptance detailed

if the removal of contraband through airport security this question, tact, rhyme this time not unpacking is beyond all dispute receipt in fact.

in May this year, the courier, the new national standard, the official implementation, set off a peak of rectifying the courier industry operations. The first link express Lanshou express as into the distribution system, the new national standard courier in onsite Lanshou to carry out visual inspection of the box, but it will reduce the efficiency of work, so the new national standard in the actual implementation of the effect is not ideal, the phenomenon of illegal courier companies still exists.

for self built logistics Jingdong mall and other electricity supplier companies, commodity warehousing is the first part of the entire distribution system. According to reports, the supplier in accordance with the procurement agreement, the goods will be transported to the mall of Jingdong designated receiving warehouse, the receiving clerk will be based on the purchase order acceptance, strictly check the variety of goods, quantity, specifications, models and other information. Jingdong South Wuhuan Logistics Park Mall relevant responsible person said, because the quality of goods related to user experience, need to carefully check every piece of goods when the goods found defective, timely return, in addition, also do a good job of daily handling and inventory work, to ensure the safety of goods.

sorting link PK

social logistics by external forces to enhance

is the domestic express related video exposed to sort of violence in the last year. In order to deal with the warehouse explosion, "the biggest scandal express fly" has become the express industry. This "double 11" period, in order to prevent a repeat of the violence sorting, express warehouse explosion phenomenon, the major domestic courier companies have developed a corresponding emergency measures.

this year, double 11 period, the domestic express delivery companies in addition to increase manpower, capacity, as well as the venue, but also with Tmall depth cooperation, the two sides share data, but there are frequent delays in shipment.

according to insiders, in previous years the distribution network to receive the shipment, after a simple treatment is by sorting sorting center, all work pressure to the sorting center, which leads to the phenomenon of large-scale sorting center warehouse explosion. But this is just the opposite, because the express company in sorting center preparation, this link has not been large-scale warehouse explosion phenomenon, operating pressure downward transfer, the distribution network delivery conflict distribution outlets warehouse explosion. >

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