U S news aggregator service provider Ongo 12 million injection

Beijing on September 30th news, according to foreign media reports, news aggregation service startups Ongo received a total of $12 million from the United States a number of well-known media publishing company.

Ongo on Wednesday announced that the New York Times, Washington Post and the United States today issued the company to inject $4 million into the company, and have access to the board of directors of the company.

Ongo headquartered in California, the company in April this year to apply for registration. Ongo said the company is developing a service to read and share news from different sources and will launch next year. Ongo founder and CEO, former eBay executive Alex · Kazim (Alex Kazim) said, "Ongo can reflect a variety of reading, and consumers love sharing digital news organization way".

Ongo and the three major media publishers are not specifically what is the service provided by Ongo in the end, it is not clear why the traditional media publishers will be interested in this start-up companies. The issuer and the blog and website quoted the news of the Internet service provider does not maintain friendly relations, edit Laiaonade · on the week before the "Washington Post"; Donny (Leonard Downie Jr.) also criticized the Huffington Post news aggregation site is "rely on others and parasite news".

with the traditional flat media advertising revenue continues to decline, media publishers are exploring ways to expand revenue sources through the Internet, and more and more attention to Apple iPad tablet PCs and other mobile devices. Part of the media, including the New York Times, has decided to implement a charge model for some online content readers.

"New York Times"

issuing company spokeswoman · Abusi; Severs (Abbe Serphos) said that although the Ongo in April of this year before the registration of a company, but the media publishers have talks with Ongo over a year. Severs said: "we believe that Ongo is a wise way to work with other news and information providers."

"Washington Post"

issuing company spokeswoman Calderon (Rima / · Calderon) said: "we hope that in the digital news and information issue to try a different approach." The "USA Today" publisher Gannett newspaper group spokeswoman Robin · Burns (Robin Pence) said: "this is the media with two very high quality, good opportunities for cooperation and has rich experience in science and technology group."

Prior to this,

, an online video service provider Hulu, has provided a way for traditional media companies to collaborate in the digital domain, NBC>

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