Google officially announced the withdrawal of Chinese domain name redirected to google com hk


p.m. Eastern time: March 22nd Google officially announced the closure of, to stop censoring search results CN domain name redirected to Google Corporation that intend to continue in China development work, and will remain in the China sales. Google Hongkong home page, welcome to Google search in China’s new home.

also Google create a new monitoring service to report whether overseas Google services can be accessed in mainland China:

according to the user response Beijing time at 2:31 on March 23rd or so, automatically jump to, while the interface shows: welcome to Google search in China’s new home".

according to the user response, if the user has set up a personalized interface Google, when the input, the domain name will not jump phenomenon.

Google statement: still retain technology, sales offices

Google transfer search engine services in mainland China, but will continue to maintain other business services in mainland china.

Google plans to continue to retain technical and sales offices in mainland China in order to provide technical support for the local and search engine sales in the u.s..

Google blog: has been closed and the uncensored version of the service to the Hongkong host.


(Google Inc.) 22 said it had shut down shall be subject to the examination of web search services in mainland China, and directing users to uncensored Hongkong based version of Google search, Google news and Google images and other services.

Google said the company will use the Hongkong host to continue to provide uncensored services such as Google maps for Chinese Internet users.


spokesman said, Google will retain sales and R & D business in Chinese, but now companies in China with 600 employees to a given statement is "premature", these employees may be reassigned.

Google also announced the news through the blog. The company said in a blog post, the Chinese government in the course of the discussion clearly stated that self censorship is not a legal requirement, the company to take action to close.

Google said the move was "a wise and legitimate decision,"

said, but the company was "very clear" that the move could cause its services to be blocked".

the news triggered Google stock price drop. Google’s stock price 22 trading down 0.37% at $557.66.



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