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IDC review network survey found that during the period from December 6th to December 27th, the fastest growth in the global domain name registrar, the famous American IDC service GoDaddy and ENOM were the first and three, and Chinese million net, once again lead the domestic market, ranked the world’s fastest growing domain name Registrar second.


(Figure 1) 2010.12.6 – 2010.12.27 the fastest growing global domain registrar

according to figure 1, the latest data show that the world’s largest domain name registrar – GoDaddy, in order to increase the absolute advantage over the month of the highest growth in the world’s fastest growing domain name registrar. As a well-known domain name registrar Chinese civilink, as of December 27th, the domain name net increase in the amount of $256470, an increase of 334%, is the highest record since 2010. In the world’s top 20 fastest growing countries in the domain name, the United States accounted for 6 seats, China accounted for 4 seats.


, in addition to NET.CN (Chinese nets) in second, BIZCN.COM (business Chinese) is up to twelfth 35.COM (35, fifteenth, 55HL.COM (Internet) China data) 18.

synthesis of the latest data, after the climax in November, the global domain name market boom slightly slipped. In addition to China, the domain name of the registered trademark of the net growth is lower than in November. And since 2010, the United States has grown one after another, the market is uncertain. Relatively speaking, China’s domain name market to maintain steady growth.

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