Difficulties in the classification of the site a sharp decline in the flow of false information floo

58 city, a magical site! "Yang Mi was invited as spokesman of the 58 city website advertising once across the country such as buses and subways; and almost at the same time, Chen Yao mouth also riding on a donkey, crying for ganji.com:" looking for a job, looking for a house, looking for a nanny…… All have." When riding a small donkey Chen Yao quietly disappeared from the subway car, about 58 city Ganji, "downsizing" and "high debt" and other negative rumors spread like wildfire, the two once classified information website temporarily or even is closed".

recently, Fuzhou Disasters pile up on one another. ", the Municipal Public Security Bureau again issued a warning of false information on the 58 city 58 city recently:" online shopping fraud, have received several similar cases every day, we should pay attention to, do not pay in advance the deposit, Car Buying tail section, the safety margin, to prevent being cheated." For Ganji and 58 city, due to the spread of false information, such as traffic decline now, to mark the "seven year itch". Classified information site in the future, will go to where


the spread of false information: cry up wine and sell vinegar

reporter on December 14th in the 58 city site to find the recruitment information, found that a furniture company in Foshan, the recruitment of broadcast hosting teachers". Why the furniture company will hire "broadcasting teachers"? Mr. Li reporter telephoned the information released, Mr. Lee admits: "because the 58 city recruitment information must be in the name of the company, the furniture company is my brother, for broadcasting the teacher who is my own." And Mr. Lee is not looking for a teacher for their own company, just for themselves to find a teacher". "Just look at the relevant recruitment information feel ironic." Dong Cheng, who is about to graduate from University, told reporters: "the furniture company recruit teachers, electronic companies recruit actors, electrical companies recruit actors…… A lot of this kind of fair online recruitment information, sometimes called the past is shut down, there are also some public statement is a special industry recruitment "female public relations"."

reporter found that, in addition to the recruitment of a large number of false information column, 58 city ticket information is also reduced to the release of advertising. A Guangzhou yoga club in the city of 58 "ticket" column published "the transfer of 1 yuan fitness card", but the reporter telephone inquiries in the past, the other said "wrong", and to introduce a lot of seize the opportune moment of the club, is actually advertising. The City show exhibition "information bar ganji.com" in addition to a large number of expired information is called "exhibition", is the advertising content. Mr. Liu to go online consumers to buy second-hand motorcycle, did not think the car did not buy, anti flicker off 1100 yuan. Ganji said "website information voluntarily by the user, the site can not verify, advised consumers to alarm to recoup their losses, to the consumer experience is only" regret "."

classified information on the site there are a lot of false information, there are a lot of advertising sales, around a number of friends who have lost." This >

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