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general activities to write soft Wen promotion, first of all, the understanding of the activities of the background, to the development of the industry have a certain opinion, writing mode is the industry analysis + activity content nested mode. Here’s what I wrote today. The question is: "lawyer, are you really suitable for the party?"

(the first paragraph is a simple analysis of the industry, the development of a change)

lawyer this occupation is a very elite in the eyes of the people, let a person respect very but at a distance. But only because of its elite, but more and more away from the public view. Bill Gates said, the Internet will affect all aspects of human life". With the development of China’s economy, the improvement of people’s living standard, the frequent economic activities, more and more people choose on the Internet to consult legal issues, that is to say the legal demands of people has been from the past in the way slowly towards the development of the internet.

(the second paragraph is to explain the important role of the Internet on the active object)

Internet triggered a revolution in the legal services market, to create a legal life.

Internet legal services, as the name suggests is the legal service in the Internet platform. The Internet is an exchange platform, so the public will be released on the platform above some needs. Economic life and social life are frequent, causing a lot of trouble. Due to the rapid spread of Internet information, more and more people will choose the Internet to carry out some of the daily activities, so this will lead to a revolution in legal services. Internet legal services market has become a battleground for lawyers across the country.

and this revolution has been a "center of the two basic conditions. A center refers to the Internet as the center, the two basic points that the law needs and lawyers. The promoters of this revolution, the law makers, rather than lawyers, suggest that the revolution is not complete. At present, there are too many lawyers do not know the importance of the Internet, ignoring the business opportunities, and the legal needs of this revolution has been in a state of unconsciousness, the use of the internet. But many legal issues are not lawyers to answer, but based on the answer, so this is another opportunity for all lawyers.

(the following is to explain the phenomenon of the industry, for the best writing activities to do some content)

on the Internet who will choose the law


according to the data analysis, the legal requirements of the Internet age is limited to 17 years of age -35 years of age, the majority of female demand. The legal consultation with many problems involved in marriage cohabitation, real estate mostly, it is also very relevant to our daily production and life of the legal issues, although small, but often the parties is very urgent need. Often in these areas it is difficult to find a professional counterparts continue to answer the lawyer. So how the parties and lawyers is a problem.


on the Internet and how love attorney?

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