5 cases of traditional retail counter attack by moving to subvert the old model

[Reuters] billion state power (August 25th) news yesterday, billion state power network was informed before the China UnionPay Products Department Assistant General Manager in 2014 China Haitao (Chengdu) said that mobile e-commerce will be on the mobile Internet is a revolutionary impact on the traditional retail, and even traditional retail gradually become the main retail industry and beyond the Internet business platform.

There are two

waves that the development trend of traditional retail and mobile electronic business combination: the first retail enterprises through technological revolution, the integration of online and offline development, providing online and enjoyable shopping experience for customers. The second is to do precision marketing, the integration of data on their platform to give the customer a better picture of the painting, support for precision services.

Traditional retailers have been carried out in the

change, cite the following examples to prove: the waves

1 WAL-MART, Softto some traditional retailers in such solutions all channels, through the store, electricity providers, mobile devices. Recently, a term called SOLOMALL, through this model to promote the traditional retail industry rapid development, the online and offline integration, online drainage, offline experience, online can also line order.

WAL-MART to provide consumers with APP, the store can scan code parity, WAL-MART said there is confidence in the price of these competitors than amazon.

2 Suning, Wanda, Wangfujing through self built platform and Taobao mall, WeChat mall and many other models, the establishment of a traditional, traditional business into the mobile e-commerce model.

3 Messi department store with a full channel model reengineering the department store in the United States, built the electricity supplier and the mobile Internet, through search, courier services to change the. Consumers can go to the Messi department store experience a piece of clothing, if you do not want to carry goods, try to finish all kinds of clothes, you can order online, the Messi department procurement of goods to consumers at home. In addition through APP to provide interesting software, such as "really fitting", through the video to order different kinds of clothes.

4 Taiwan in the course of the transformation of his store there are automated cargo platform, there are mobile phone APP.

5 currently popular O2O, mainly two modes, one is the leading online service providers, to the offline store development, such as SF has opened some High customers and so on, also the cable retailer counterattack line, from the shop, also open shop by micro-blog or by a lot of traffic enterprises.

6 dispersion of silver, and now we go to Hongkong, go to the apple store, go to Messi department store, a lot of customers do not need to queue up, each service staff with a credit card swipe machine can be. Consumers are willing to take delivery of goods on the spot to go away, unwilling to take delivery of the goods on the spot to the home, to solve the many problems we queue and distribution.

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