Nickname bottle what this box of milk will play Content marketing has been playing bad

packaging stimulation with milk box tells the story of

now uses the brand more and more personalized packaging, such as Coca-Cola, white river, recently began in the Wei Chuan, packaging.



Arla is: when the other milk box on or when the fat content, they have begun to speak vivid stories on the box, and more than one or two words, funny than there are feelings of sentence oh.


a box of milk so that our family began to pay attention to some food safety tips, including children’s recipes and short stories. There is no doubt that Arla’s milk box is simply a channel to communicate with consumers, it is more like a media layout, to provide readers with an interesting daily.


over the past few years, this remarkable collection of content has been re integrated into recipes and Recipes Book, like storytelling, which also includes an interactive version of the milk box story. On the official website of Arla is also accompanied by a dynamic version of the fairy tale.


· let the audience with sensory stimulation; the taste buds of

as one of the brands of Arla, Lurpak butter content marketing is to make everyone refreshing.

in today’s market environment, you need to sell through what way a very ordinary products? Such as milk and butter? How the products and consumers "crash out of the spark of love"? Based on loyalty, if consumers love the brand of milk or butter sold out, very few people will go to different shops looking for. Only to a product in front of consumers, or do special offer, these products will be sold.

in 2015, however, Arla’s butter brand, Lurpak, tried to change that. Lurpak and they were full of aspiring chefs created a new concept of direct dialogue with the taste buds. The event is a continuation of the 2013 chef’s activities, the idea is also roughly the same: in the form of images, delicious and delicious food to make close-up shots, to bring consumers the impact of sensory.

"Be Wonderful And Wise"

Wieden+Kennedy is behind the Lurpak activity Arla in food planners. General manager Neil Christie explained: "we want people to drool. When they stand in front of the dairy counter next time, they will use the Lurpak product as a recipe for fun."


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