nternet marketing is the most important secret weapon

I will teach you the most important secret weapon in Internet marketing. Once you understand and often use it, you can make your network marketing, email marketing, sales letter writing and the turnover rate benefited in every way. And it is the most important in all marketing activities, the most easily overlooked weapon. Do you want to know? Read on.

recently we will launch an online training course to teach you how to write and sell your own ebook in 28 days, bringing in an electronic tutorial. At present, the site has just been established, sales and sales of products are actively preparing process. Because the domain name of the site, the space has been applied successfully, so I am going to start our electronic magazine subscription, collect potential customers e-mail. So we in the site is not officially launched before, we simply imitate a software sales website model produced a simple web page on the website to collect as much as possible before the customer’s e-mail, to lay a good foundation for later website operation and formal alliance sales.

then we in several forums, including QQ group sending post publicity our site, of course, is that we constantly have new subscribers to subscribe our magazine for free e-books, we have a few days to modify the text content and subscription form, convenient for visitors to leave contact email subscription. But to our surprise, we made a simple web page received different people’s attacks and sought after. Most people say that the page is very ugly, too simple. But there are people in pursuit of this simple website, said what pond theory, too much use! Even a lot of people send messages, hope to participate in the follow-up we organize training courses. We really don’t know why this page was decidedly different evaluation instead of


later we met an internet guru who wanted him to take a look at our website and give some comments. He glanced at, say we don’t have the title of power, need bullet writing much more powerful, and also to show us a written about attract clients registered electronic magazine sales letter. The letter was brief, but it was like a narrow version of a web sales letter, in order to attract customers to leave a series of gifts. And the evaluation of our web page is simply ugly, why a book with the sale of the book does not match the fruit on the web page. You can see it now. We say that the site has not formally launched, the end of the conversation.

do you think we’ve heard so much opposition and the pursuit of evaluation, will go to modify our web page?

the answer is no..

because they ignore the most important Internet marketing, the greatest secret weapon, that is, test test. We have just mentioned that we will subscribe to the electronic magazine subscription form to the web page, and we continue to modify the web page, where there are some text, delete some text, modify the table a little larger, smaller. Through these constant changes, we from the net >

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