Balance treasure yields fall the next will be who

Internet baby "big boss" the balance of treasure to disgrace. In 2015, the Internet Financial burgeoned in the treasure powder are going to cry.

recently, the balance of treasure seven annual rate of return of less than 4%, as of June 23rd, the balance of treasure of the annual yield of seven fell to $3.7140%, which is its historical lows since the line on the line in June 2013. This was a spike in the number of financial products, the highest yield reached 6.763% of the history of the Internet baby, only two years on the Internet is the new generation of financial waves hit the shore.

may make the treasure powder is clear, in fact, not only is the balance of treasure, almost all in the balance of treasure within the Internet baby yields are declining, and most of the income rates have been below 4%. Changes in the regulatory market, currency market, interest rates drop quasi release of liquidity and stock market mania may be positive for the Internet baby has no small impact, however, P2P financial stable trend of real sound or is this a new generation of "spray".

is what makes a lot of Internet baby sitting roller coaster

balance treasure recent seven annual rate of return list (source: Celestica Fund)

The essence of

is actually a balance of treasure monetary fund, a monetary fund issued by Celestica fund management company limited, mainly invested in short-term monetary instruments such as bonds, central bank bills, bank deposit, short-term government bonds, corporate bonds, interbank deposits and other short-term securities fund products.

industry analysts said that in the balance of treasure fund portfolio, the proportion of bank deposits and settlement reserves accounted for a relatively high proportion of investment. The impact of the balance of the income level of treasure is precisely the degree of tension in the face of such assets portfolio. When market funds face tight, demand for bank capital increase, banks need to change the balance of treasure everywhere, holding a lot of money, the bargaining power is high, can get higher income. On the contrary, when funds face eased, bank funds decreased, the balance of treasure bargaining capacity decreased, earnings will decline.

from 2014, the central bank cut interest rates 2 times a drop quasi, released a lot of liquidity to the market, baby, including the balance of treasure, including the natural decline in revenue in. Analysts also stressed that with the continuous advance of the interest rate market, the baby who is difficult to go again.

who will be the next "balance treasure"?

in the face of the strong impact of the Internet financial products once, Alibaba, Tencent, Jingdong, Baidu, Suning, NetEase and Sina have swarmed into the sky, has launched the treasure class products. As the boss of the Internet baby’s balance treasure, in fact, they hold the longest one. In the balance of treasure across the peak to 3 times before the other Internet baby has waved in front of it.


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