Down to the great man count those well known entrepreneurs the suffering of life history

do not say that they have experienced in the cause of suffering, entrepreneurship is also experienced in the lives of 99 people suffering. In the case of our business, Bezos, the life of twists and turns of the twists and turns of the past, and then before the Konosuke Matsushita, bitter words difficult to do as soon as possible, and so on, before the end of the world, the life of the people of the past few years in the past, we can not do anything else, but also the…… A word to describe: no worst, only worse.



of female college students is pregnant, because their parents strongly opposed, not with the male assistant shotgun marriage, child birth after being sent to the orphanage. This kind of unfortunate story happened in Steve · Jobs. Dramatic side, small jobs to be adopted in less than a year, the success of the young married couple, and also gave birth to a daughter, the family is harmonious, the sister who later became a character archetype of the famous drama "Simpson family" in the.



following Google, the second market capitalization of over one hundred billion U.S. dollars of Internet companies, Amazon Co founder Geoff · the origin of the birth of Bezos can also be used to describe.

Bezos is a 16 year old female senior high school children, the girl called Gisborne, parents are very open-minded, not only before the baby is born, and the third year to pay her daughter’s boyfriend got married, but also for the son’s academic and career run. However, Bezos is the biological father Jorgensen not on the wall of mud.

paid for his tuition at University of New Mexico, and soon he dropped out of school. Later, his father-in-law and his police department in New Mexico to seek a job, not long. Jorgensen is an alcoholic, and friends often drink until midnight. Finally, in June 1965, when Bezos was 17 months old, the young couple ended up in divorce.

that is to say, Jobs, Bezos two world-class entrepreneurs who are not using their own surname. Compared with the below mentioned venture gangster life bitterness, Bezos, Jobs very lucky, they encountered a good father, stepfather, their parents’ marital difficulties just misfortune on.

not only to overcome the extraordinary career with many difficulties in general, life will be chastened, the so-called 99 difficult, finally read scriptures.


Thomas · Watson


IBM founder Thomas · Watson, at the age of 40, although expensive for the vice president of the company, but was expelled without a face to the company, with a newlywed wife and a son cry piteously for food from Ohio, Dayton, moved to a strange New York again, he also lawsuit in the body, face prison the disaster.



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