CEO Liu Jianguo love to help network group purchase industry out is not started

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[TechWeb] October 22nd news, with the increase in the number of buy site in the Chinese market, industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce. In the face of already formed scrimmage situation, future group purchase market will show how the trend? These problems, TechWeb visit CEO Liu Jianguo love to help network. Liu Jianguo believes that the limited group purchase industry will be rapid development, the real is not started out.

Liu Jianguo appears in the current limited group purchase industry is still in the development stage, the overall development trend of the industry is good, but the increasingly fierce competition, small group purchase website has no special resources in the next period of time may be eliminated.

for the portal and even traditional industries and many other fields have been involved in the enterprise group purchase, Liu Jianguo believes that the more powerful enterprises to join the group purchase industry Limited is a good thing, can better cultivate the market, guide the user experience more limited group purchase unique charm. Don’t join these enterprises form a significant competitive pressure on existing large group purchase website, one is the group purchase website with a certain first mover advantage and user reputation, on the other hand, a more thorough understanding of the limited group purchase mode, but also a better understanding of user needs.

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as everyone knows, China group purchase website is in following the U.S. group purchase website Groupon, turning to the domestic group purchase website and foreign differences, Liu Jianguo pointed out that the United States China conditions and different national conditions, not so pure imitation of foreign models. Chinese is a developing country, the business level of service and reception capacity, to promote understanding, integrity of the United States and businesses are not the same, the netizen’s consumption level, payment habits, way of life and the United States are not the same. Buy site must be innovative in order to better meet the needs of users and businesses. China limited group purchase industry in the early basic is to imitate the foreign mode, with the in-depth understanding of this mode, more and more enterprises have begun innovation, such as the club launched innovative products and poly. Excellent convergence with the limited time to buy more tail mode, can make up for some of the limitations of the time to buy mode, more in line with the needs of Chinese users and businesses.

although some top ranked group purchase websites are seeking innovation, but there are many thousands of war group purchase website is only the imitator, and simply because of plagiarism has caused some partners such as the collapse of the group purchase group purchase, sold to deliver business partners sold in excess capacity and other issues. In view of these problems, Liu Jianguo said that any business behavior should do the work, to avoid similar incidents, enterprises should set aside reserve, to prevent businesses unilateral termination, we should regard the interests of users first, because they are individuals, must protect the interests of netizens are not compromised. On the other hand, the site in the choice of business cooperation, selection and evaluation process to be complete, abide by the principles, to prevent the sale of businesses due to the volume of sales exceeded the operational capacity of the unnecessary consequences.

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