My website and optimization experience

      Hello, first of all, the following self introduction. I am from Shandong, learning software engineering. Graduated in July this year, is currently practicing.

      so, this is mainly about I do stand experience and my personal GGAD optimization experience, first from the beginning of.


      in the third year course is very loose, usually in the afternoon no class. So I went to another school room to do the maintenance. When busy dying, loose when death. So I want to use free time to do a website as it is to meet vanity mind. Because at that time the site has not been able to make money this concept, only to find a website can be very satisfying


      snapadoo, 60 bought a 3 year CN meters, 0537FC.CN. means’ Jining property ‘in Baidu search dog many times, Jining has not found a decent real estate site. At first location is very low, is if you have a house to the rental here released information..

      later summed up:

      1 stations, preferably with their related. Gehangrugeshan, many of the things you learn to understand it better. And long time to run


      2 there is a certain interaction and regional station, you had better be in the local. For example, I read in Ji’nan, but did the Jining real estate station, so it is not suitable for.

      3 personal webmaster want to do regular station of a certain size is very tired, I think you need a small group. How would 2-3 a suitable talent.

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