Factory WeChat marketing solutions

as of the second quarter of 2013, China Mobile Internet users has more than 580 million.

at the end of July 2013, Tencent WeChat users over 429 million

to the end of 2013, the number of smart phones in China reached 600 million units

mobile Internet is changing the way people live!

factory enterprises how to use the mobile Internet?

, a service number * subscription number two pronged approach


service number location:

service enterprise users as the goal, to enterprises and organizations to provide stronger business services and user management capabilities to help companies quickly achieve a new service platform. Service number can directly display the image of the brand to the user, can quickly solve the problem with the user, the user can get a key enterprise or brand information. Make enterprise and user zero distance!

subscription number positioning:

in order to expand the customer as the goal, to promote and disseminate the brand information, can be used as the enterprise media release platform, customer conversion platform. The enterprise can use from the media attributes of the WeChat public platform, training enterprise website, enterprise official micro-blog social marketing platform, enterprises also play professional, occupy the industry leading position, to quickly lock the user.

two, the third party platform zero distance rendering;

micro web site can make the company’s information quickly and truly show in the agent or the customer’s mobile phone, the user can understand the situation of the enterprise at any time and place, and better able to establish contact with the enterprise.

three, enterprise activities involved anywhere

company issued preferential information, business information, business activities not only silently put on the website of the customer No one shows any interest in, based on understanding of the enterprise, can also participate in the activities of enterprises issued whenever and wherever possible. Not only convenient for customers, and enhance the stickiness between customers, and enterprises can more clearly grasp the customer’s information.


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