Detonated circle of friends new media operators need to know these 10 articles with style

a good article, in addition to content, good image is the key. As a new media operators, believe you also often is the parent and heart distress! The author summarize 10 articles with style, when you do not have the right to enjoy, refer to these styles, what you want.

a, information style

example: SOCIAL TOUCH |

| when interest

I don’t say what it is, we look at the style.


do you have a feeling of unity in the style of the information diagram, is it feel special Social?

actually, there’s a reason for this design. "Fun SOCIAL TOUCH" is the focus of social data marketing public accounts, the use of information to do the cover, that is, it makes the article appears professional, clean, and the number of people and the location of the perfect fit. It is easy to stand out in many homogeneous accounts.

two, analysis report cover style

example: | enfodesk |

The "

" around the Internet enfodesk buddy should be very familiar with, it is an Internet analysis company, produced many industry reports, data analysis. So……


it made the cover of the report cover look like – look, this is not a WeChat graphic, is an analysis report Oh!

three, pure color rendering

example: | action DreamList |

"action DreamList" slogan is: do action, to become better yourself. So it’s cover picture select solid color rendering, give people a positive feeling.


and you can notice that it’s a very warm color, with little grey or dark blue. Why? Because these colors can pass negative emotions. Xiao Bian is very careful!

four, comic form

example: | change |

is the same as the positive WeChat account, "change their style" and "action DreamList" completely different.


It uses

unified comic form, an article in a picture, people feel there is fresh, a little yuppie…

five, column inherent icon

example: | micro in Wezeit |

"micro in Wezeit" is a very distinctive public number, it is WeChat

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