Barrage video site AcFun completed 50 million A round of financing led investment Youku potatoes

Phoenix Technology News August 6th news, the domestic video site AcFun barrage (A station) announced the completion of $50 million A round of financing, the current round of financing by Youku potatoes group lead investor, all the funds have been in place.

A station CEO sun Min said: the financing will be used to purchase copyrighted content and cooperation, as well as investment and homemade quality animation content, network drama, movies, TV series, the lead will further expand the A station in the industry, is committed to providing better quality ACG fans viewing content and product experience.

Youku potatoes Group Chairman and CEO Victor Koo said Youku potatoes group will mobilize the brand and capital advantage, for the A station to provide adequate bandwidth and traffic support, and more diversified copyright content. And, in the future, and A will stand in the homemade animation drama, IP all aspects of the development of the industry chain to carry out in-depth cooperation.

A station is the earliest Chinese barrage video website, founded in June 2007, after nearly ten years in the two dimension areas of deep plowing, the accumulation of a large number of vertical dimension two core users.

but the copyright dispute has been a lingering shadow over the development of A station, this is because, for example A station barrage site video resources, many from outside the chain, the video sharing site through informal way this is hotlinking other video, an infringement of the evidence.

has repeatedly exposed led copyright disputes between Youku and A stations and high compensation costs, this time in the capital or marriage means that the two sides formally reconciled in the copyright disputes.

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