Genealogy website Ancestry seeking acquisition of domestic genealogy website is still starting

Admin5 station network June 7th news: today there is news that American genealogy web site is considering the sale price, and has hired senior Silicon Valley banker Frank Quattrone (Frank · Quattrone) Qatalyst Partners LLC investment bank’s help to find buyers. According to sources,’s market capitalization is about $964 million. Private Equity Investment Firm is likely to attract interest in acquisitions.

Ancestry is not only the United States is the world’s largest genealogy site. It is also equipped with Chinese station in China genealogy network ( was founded in 1983. Was a publishing company. Six degrees of space theory, the interval between the two strangers will not exceed 6. This is the theoretical basis for the establishment of The line of about 3000 databases and 25000 subjects in 18 years, through the establishment of the core database, collect all kinds of family tree data which has 40 million copies of the files, to name 80 one million. Currently the number of users reached 24 million, the profit model is mainly service charges. The user has a 14 day trial period, after the probation period, the user must pay a variety of services.’s main revenue consists of two parts: user subscription fees (ie, membership fees) and other income. Only pay to download the genealogical information, and free users can register their genealogy information. has paid more than 1 million 400 thousand users.

2010 data show that last month,’s most undervalued value of 14.7 times earnings, a record low level of. Data show that in 2009 IPO (initial public offering) listed to raise $100 million of funds, earnings ratio of times the full year earnings calculated at a rate of 33.8. Compared with the decline in the market value of the contrast is the continued growth of users and revenue doubled. According to released in April 25th, the results showed that in the first quarter ended March 31st, the number of users has increased to 1 million 870 thousand, an increase of 16% over last year. net profit rose 51% in the first quarter, revenue grew by $108 million 500 thousand to $19%.

last month, has announced that it will spend $one hundred million acquisition of rival, and bear each other’s debt. What prompted the announcement of the acquisition of competitors after the news of the and decided to sell the company. Market value down to freezing point is likely to be the main reason. From >

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