11 11 China original change world consumption

drawing: song song

zero o’clock on November 11th, 2014 Tmall 11· 11 "shopping Carnival kicked off

a minute, Alipay pay 830 thousand transactions.

three minutes, Alipay turnover exceeded 1 billion yuan.

zero 38 minutes 28 seconds, turnover exceeded $10 billion.

13:31, turnover exceeded 36 billion 200 million yuan, breaking the record last year to create the world’s largest shopping day.

21:12, turnover exceeded 50 billion yuan.

11 day, turnover exceeded $57 billion 100 million, logistics orders amounted to 279 million.

Carnival not only in Tmall. November 11th zero to 10 hours of the time, the order of Jingdong mall has reached 2.4 times the same period last year, the number of orders for the same period last year, the number of orders has reached 10 times. Suning.com 11 zero to 6 when the order delivery rate has reached 98.3%.

and Taobao mall in 2009, 11·, 11, only 27 businesses, the participation of the 27 brands, sales of $52 million. This year, 11· 11, only Tmall has nearly 27 thousand businesses, including the participation of the 42 thousand brands, Jingdong, Suning, Gome, vip.com and other electronic business platform is also almost all joined. Liu Jun, deputy director of the State Post Bureau, this year, 11· (11) on the same day, postal, courier companies received a courier package wrapped up to 88 million 600 thousand. On November 11th information system monitoring shows that the "11· 11" period, the mail industry (express) volume will reach 586 million, an increase of nearly 70% over the same period last year, the highest daily processing capacity will be close to 100 million, growth of 54% over the same period last year, this year is the daily handling capacity (33 million 90 thousand / day) 3 times.

11· (11) concept has been from Tmall (original Taobao mall) spread to the entire electricity supplier platform, from online expansion to the line, from the domestic expansion to the world. 11· 11 is from a single electricity supplier marketing to the global consumer shopping Carnival forward.

6 years, "11· 11" from China to the world

"11· 11" hot, can not be separated from the accumulation of their brand influence, but more because of the changes in consumer shopping habits. More and more users flock to online consumption, is an indisputable fact of the Internet era.

to "cut the hand", "11· 11" is undoubtedly a carnival. For electricity providers is even more so. United States time on November 10th, the concept of electricity supplier stocks collective rose. Alibaba closed up 4%, intraday market capitalization of over $300 billion. Vip.com rose 5%, Jingdong

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