Suddenly blooming poppies consumer rebate network fraud investigation

with Fuzhou Yi Technology Development Limited (hereinafter referred to as Yi Johnson) fall apart between a hundred percent rebate mall night operations, to bring the "consumer rebate" under the guise of network marketing of the shock wave Masamori limelight is expanding.

friends from the establishment of the company to the incident six months, the boss on the 3, namely Yao Jianqing, Feng Youwang and Gao Weiping." In June 1st, close to the Fuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment group said, "at present, Yao Jianqing and Gao Weiping have been arrested, the rest of the people involved are traced, the loss of more than one million yuan cheated number."

newspaper disclosure in June 1st, Fuzhou 100 percent of the mall gathered many members of the mall office, office supplies looted. The storm also spread to more than and 300 km outside the city of Wuyishan.

however, investigation shows, Yi Johnson crash only to "consumer rebate" for a corner under the guise of network marketing iceberg.

June 1st, reported, public security, industry and commerce departments nationwide investment in Jiangxi Development Co., wonderful life related personnel suspected of selling illegal and criminal activities of the investigation, the company chairman Tang Qingnan has been arrested.

At present,

network marketing activities are still rampant, while the hope aroused widespread concern and vigilance to prevent cheated strayed into MLM mire." Yunnan Province, the fight against pyramid schemes work leading group office in the day before the release of the fight against pyramid warning prompt said.

Chinese MLM volunteer alliance network (hereinafter referred to as the "alliance") founder Zou Lingbo told reporters in June 1st, according to incomplete statistics, at present "consumer rebate" for the business enterprise organization has reached more than 2 thousand, "spending much of the full return of nearly 1000 enterprises.


" consumer rebate "industry has a lot of speculation, for playing financial pyramid soil for opportunists." Zou Lingbo said, what is more, is purely financial pyramid schemes, network scam."

barbaric growth

Yi Sheng company storm is not a case.

in the Yi Company during the incident in May 30th, the Shenzhen police cracked "Xingfuyuan" national network of marketing major. Happy edge, the full name of the Sichuan Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. happiness margin, the national pyramid scheme involving up to hundreds of millions of dollars of funds.

reporter learned that only in Fujian Nanping city under the jurisdiction of Wuyishan City, in addition to Yi company "hundred percent rebate network", is also active in the "million shopping network", "the return of the one hundred", "union" the so-called consumer rebate high returns a multitude of names "money" game.

from Wuyishan city Industrial and Commercial Bureau news that since last year, some of the full 500 back to 500, with 1000 back to 1000, consumption saving = = free for the bait rebates MLM rapid development in Wuyishan.

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