Google Adsense bank transfer will be achieved within the year

NetEase science and technology news July 22nd news, NetEase technology today learned from the relevant channels, Google in China, the main push of the Adsense business in the year to achieve the transfer function of the domestic bank and electronic payment function.


can learn to cooperate with Google’s mainland bank name, but it is understood that Google and the bank negotiation work is nearing completion, will be able to achieve electronic mainland bank transfer Adsense China advertisers years. This is the first time Google entered China 3 years ago began to pay attention to marketing and consider profitability. Last year, Google Greater China online sales and Operations Manager Zhou Wenbiao has said it will achieve complete localization in years, and will choose to cooperate with domestic banks, Google can through domestic bank transfer payment directly to the owners of advertising into. But since Zhou Wenbiao published a statement on the Adsense to achieve domestic bank transfers, the function has not yet been achieved.

Li Kaifu earlier in an interview when he repeatedly said that 2008 is a crucial year for Google marketing localization, the media reported that in Central China, the Southern China area has been from the beginning of March, the massive expansion of the marketing team, and the newly appointed Google global vice president Liu Yun is personally responsible for the sales in China and the promotion of business channel. Google Wang Xinyu, general manager of China’s northern region of the channel is more bluntly: the biggest difference is that after joining the Google more emphasis on product marketing."


Adsense is mainly through the Internet advertising revenue, while adding ads provided by Google personal webmaster through on its website in the embedded Adsense code, according to the Google advertising on the site to be clicks pay a commission to the individual owners, the Commission settled for $100 at a time. At present, Google is not the same because of domestic bank cooperation, join the Adsense alliance’s personal webmaster can only choose the remittance way to get Google to pay advertising costs, payment cumbersome procedures to some extent hindered the Adsense in maple and speed, the Google and domestic banks will cooperate to solve this problem. (Fang Kun)

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