My site promotion experience maybe for you

recently and my site desperately for more than two months, met a lot of sites to promote the problem, I will try to find out the skills to share this time and new people, so that we take less detours. You are also welcome to make suggestions for my article, will share their experience, let us work together to do a good job site.

a, how to choose a good promotional material

if you can find a particularly good material as a selling point, the work behind you start a lot easier, so the promotion of the steps in the selection of good material is particularly important.

1, find the most popular element

first of all you have to understand what is now the most popular users to see what is now the most popular. For example, now I use the forum to promote the company’s website, it is the most happy boy red time, particularly concerned about. At that time, I found a lot of happy boys and related video posts. To promote the major forums. Send out, immediately attracted the attention of the majority of Internet users, naturally brought a good flow effect. If you can not determine what is now the most fire, the easiest way is to refer to Baidu YAHOO Sogou keyword list. What is the most popular, the most fire? You can find the answer on it.

2, find the topic of interest in the city

on the other hand, because we are the city portal site, so the promotion will be more direction to the city for users to be able to attract users of the city vision, it is necessary to understand the life characteristics of the city every day, the city’s most interested can resonate what the subject is, to have a keen market observation, can quickly capture the latest news. The latest, most of the topics of interest to the local residents, over time, the city’s new things, they first thought, is our website.

two, how to organize online activities

if a site forum can successfully hold an online activity, it reached the promotion effect.

portal for the local city residents, organized online activities more convenient and direct, interactive, and can gather popularity, the location of the popularity of the site. Of course, it is not an event can be successful, have to do a good job preparation. What is the main purpose of the event, the rules of activities, the activities of the object, the activities of the time, the activities of the prizes, as well as activities may occur in the event of adverse events, etc.. If a friend has experience, it is best to refer to the first, to avoid the lack of experience caused regret. But this kind of event is more organized, and will be more and more experienced. What additional prizes of prizes can find local businesses, or enthusiastic users to provide friendship, businesses to provide some small gifts, he does not need money, for he is also a propaganda function, or we can use the station resources and he swaps, these look and how to talk about business owners. If you can’t talk about business

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