A new website promotion experience

I will go to the webmaster nets every day, learn from the experience of others, today I also write some of their own stand to promote some of the experience of it, ha!

as a new station, I think it is the most difficult to promote, but in order to develop, it is necessary to meet the difficulties on it, ha, after all, the beginning of all things difficult!
I built a new music Valley    , just completed, promotion is placed in front of me, a beginning, I also have a little confused, but I believe that Every cloud has a silver lining., I can do flow, now I’m made 2 weeks, traffic about 2 thousand, how do I put my talk, ha, don’t laugh at my master!

a, QQ group promotion. We can combine their own station set up a QQ group, for example, my station is a music website, I built a group of music lovers, and then to the music related forum and Baidu Post Bar released, love music users will see one join points: QQ group announcement to be written into the web site, ha, such as group announcement I wrote: recommend the latest music download sites, music Valley www.musicgu.com. Ha, the inside of the group of people has become your old customer, if established several groups, the flow of the site is still considerable, of course, should also be appropriate to carry out discussions have little value in when the members of group management, stable group inside, do not let people come in groups!

two, forum promotion. I oppose the use of forum mass software, as it Debuchangsang the search engine K. We have to manually hard points, posting to related forums, posts should have the value of my music is a forum for example, station, I will often send some of the latest album album recommendation and introduction, include audition address, address of my station, ha! This post brings flow is long-term, not only the forum users will, through the search for the latest album can through the click of the forum to my music station, ha, this trick is really good, not only can bring traffic, but also can increase the value of PR!

three, simple SEO optimization. I like most webmasters, not a professional SEO staff, but as long as there is a basic knowledge, there are still great benefits. I combine my station to talk about how to optimize it, the music stand a lot of competition, the search for a song, a large web site, so SEO is very necessary. At first I found that music page keyword is too small, in order to increase keyword density, I add this one: Playing: singer name + song name, so as to increase the keyword density, it will not affect the independence of the text page. There is a picture of the ALT tag, add keywords, here you can use a descriptive statement, to include the key word, Kazakhstan, so that the density of keywords can be controlled well. Now I stand is included in the page ranking is very high, generally in the home page, http://s.w>

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