My views on how to develop network marketing

a. Building a web site

site and flashy without substance can’t win customers attention, the establishment of enterprise website, you must be aware of the following:

1 site needs to achieve goals and objectives

2 website image positioning

3 website column section and structure

4 website content arrangement

5 website interactivity and user friendly design

to show the best of all the company’s information…

two. Image packaging

in so many sites, there is no enterprise characteristics, mediocre and no strange site is not interested in

in the strict sense. The site represents the image of the company. The site on behalf of the spirit of an enterprise, is the enterprise image is, if the site does not reflect the company’s image, but was the position of rough text, poor pictures and stereotyped layout of the corporate image in the eyes of the viewer, so still do not do. Even if you are a big business, if they saw your website interface too much of the time, a pretty no, estimated to be little or no one will notice. If you are a small business, but your site do like some well-known enterprises as the beautiful effect. Otherwise


of course, a website is not only good for the appearance of the enterprise, the ultimate purpose of the site is marketing, so for the site marketing planning in this regard can not be too careless.

three. Reasonable optimization

desperately knows only burn for promotion for is junk IP

PPC: not in the first row is the best. 4-6 rankings. The price is the best way. This quick, but don’t put too much effort. Disadvantage is that for certain industry keywords has become quite expensive, one is money… ^_^

SEO Optimization: the most obvious effect of the enterprise site in the search engine to get good rankings, improve the site display rate, so that the marketing effect has been significantly improved. Baidu effect is not obvious, because there is a competitive ranking pressure. Google effect is obvious, do a good job in the top three.

note: SEO optimization is best not to overdo it. Just fine. It’s just a website doctor. Fix some bad places.

four. Publicity

1 network advertising (traffic, target customers, business sites)

put you to be directed at the target consumer concern. Don’t put on the website. Or just burn it. If you had much money… ^_^

2 information publishing. (online yellow pages, classified ads, forum, blog, for >

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