Network marketing these errors so that most startups messed up marketing

recently, a company called Pressfarm was founded, hoping to provide the name, email, and Twitter account for journalists, so that companies can get comprehensive news coverage for their own companies.

now the business model is facing a major problem, that is the most difficult for the company to publish the news is not to get the reporter’s information. In fact, a lot of start-up companies’ press conference will provide their email on Twitter. Those who do not provide a mailbox can also be found in the Google search, a better way is through contact, introduction and informed.

to reporters, consumers or investors e-mail attacks, is undoubtedly the best way to mess up your sales. No further blow, the following are some of the entrepreneurial companies often make mistakes, and how to avoid measures.

1 expect journalists to sell your product

journalists are not salesmen, they have no obligation to give you sell products, they have a duty is to update the value on the world news. Since the company’s public relations is one of the strategies, then do not rely on the media to sell your products. On the contrary, the media can tell the public the company’s entrepreneurial story, the company’s products, the company’s Web site to attract views.

and then it’s your job, you need to make the best plan, let visitors become repeat customers, ask for more product information, or you can let them participate in the trial of the product in a meaningful way.

2 borrow attention instead of buying

It’s easy for

to put the entire marketing budget on paid advertising, but it doesn’t mean you need to. More and more consumers began to ignore the paid advertising. No matter what you are in industry, there are a lot of incumbents, competitors in borrowing attention now spend more money than you. With this in mind, you should also use low-level PPC to do some basic keyword surveys and competitive surveys, and then create products that will attract attention over the next few years.

3 spend a lot of time talking about things, not on earth to do

a lot of founders are perfectionists, in the actual work, always want to talk about the marketing of each expert. Put time and experience into a different strategy, such as blog posts, and complementary business marketing alliance, the use of video and other social media to promote business.

don’t think these media channels are not helpful to the company, because it is not used properly. Testing, learning, and application are based on the things that resonate with the audience.

4 learns to spread like a virus

a lot of attempts to spread quickly and widely, the video failed. Don’t try to create some pose2 or satirical videos, the time and effort to make eye-catching video to your expectations and potential customers can enjoy.

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