Site traffic increase the latest way to get high quality traffic sharing

for the site, is the site of the blood flow, if there is no traffic, it is equivalent to a dead stop, if the flow of quality is not high, it can only be counted as a sick operation site, even if the need is for the Internet, after ten years of rapid development, the website wants to make a profit, if light increase website traffic, can not meet the demand of the new era, only to get high quality flow, to ensure the site’s profit level, so a website how to get high quality website traffic? Traditional methods, doesn’t seem to be at work, the author will introduce the method several of the latest access to high quality flow, the hope can help to the webmaster friends


A: through the optimization of the long tail to get directional flow

combined with the long tail theory famous, high quality website traffic, eighty percent from the long tail, so the optimization of long tail keywords is the focus of the website operation, is also an important way to obtain high quality traffic to the site, in general, to obtain long tail keywords by Baidu index to carry on the analysis, there are some long tail keywords other tool and these long tail keywords, some use value is very high, some are very low, so the screening of long tail keywords is very important, it can be said that the optimization of the long tail keywords, most of it lies in the choice of long tail keywords high quality, often a long tail keywords can bring high quality flow, but also bring keywords flow than the core, the quality will be higher


two: through online publicity, creating a word of mouth brand effect

The way that

has gradually become the mainstream, see, Jiayuan have through television advertising, and now the computer and so on are beginning to print media advertising, so the main purpose is to enhance the brand image of the website, the brand and reputation to attract the directional flow, because in the advertisement we can know, these sites provide professional content, and is the industry leader in the website, want to find some information, or want to get some service, will naturally think of this website! So through brand strategy, is an important auxiliary means of obtaining high quality

flow in the future!

three: micro-blog and website content through a collaborative way to get high quality traffic


site is now micro-blog is very popular, the main function of these micro-blog is through good interactive performance of micro-blog, launched the core content on your site in micro-blog, often by providing links to jump, and attract some title, often brought to the site not wrong to get through traffic, micro-blog has a premise high quality flow, is the need to have a high quality of website content, so that micro-blog’s broadcast can attract more people to join, and then came to the site, it will be wonderful to be your website content to attract, loyal, this way has been some webmaster love innovation have used


four: use soft

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