How do get 194 paid members from the media in the last 5 months

to today, I have 194 members of the media blog paid members for a total of about 5 months, not because of how much I am a cow. In the network, I am not a celebrity, just a small webmaster. There are so many friends to join, thanks to everyone’s trust and support. I also hope that the feelings of these five months can give us some inspiration…


Shao Lianhu I do five years of network, no professional learning a day of the network, all by self-learning network of some of the necessary knowledge of the network, such as building, network marketing, online money, from the media, etc.. Also, so many people join me because I have done so many valuable video tutorials, and some want to sponsor me, or want to make some friends in the network.

a month ago, I also wrote a four month experience, I will every month to sum up what happened. Today, I will give you a summary of what I have been aware of this month.

one, learn to communicate

I contacted the network in 2010, when I was a rookie rookie, what will not, only the Internet and beauty chat. However, at that time, I have always believed that can earn money online. After buying a computer, I will use Baidu search method to make money online.

at that time the Internet can make money almost a lot of people do not know, they do not believe that only know more than the online fraud. I don’t like this, I believe that the computer will be able to earn money. Later, after a little research, and finally will be.

in the past five years to make money online experience, met thousands of questions. When there is a problem, I will ask others, but people are very realistic, people help you one or two times, you are embarrassed to bother others. Moreover, online people are very realistic, you want to let others help you free is impossible.

at that time, I thought it would be useless to rely on anyone. I learn from the site, self-learning online money, self-learning open Taobao shop, it can be said that what I have learned on their own. For more than four years, I have always thought that I am very hungry, I will do anything, I can solve anything, and I never communicate with others.

since the establishment of the VIP membership after the start I dare not communicate with you, because I’m busy, I used to chat with them, they have nothing will come to chat with me, so I also do network. Moreover, I do not like to chat, because I feel like chatting time to learn and work.

later, I encountered a number of problems, I am afraid of wasting too long time can not solve, I asked everyone in the VIP group, I did not expect, a little help me to solve the problem. Later, I slowly like to communicate with you. After all, everyone has a special skill, you will not, maybe others will. If you do not estimate their own research a few days will not be able to solve, if others will save you time.


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